DC Is Its Own Worst Enemy

so… i saw suicide squad- it was entertaining and i liked it. it's definitely not the best comic book movie i've ever seen (blade and civil war are my favs) but it was fun, which is all i really expected it to be. my issues with it are less with the movie itself and more with the entire DC cinematic universe, especially in comparison to the CW DC shows. 

a lot of the reason why i'm so into DC is because of the CW- the CW consistently hires women and people of color and women of color and they do things like... cast iris, joe and wally west, who are white characters, with black actors. they cast speedy, a male character, as willa holland and turned speedy into thea queen. they push the boundaries and give lots of marginalized folks a chance to shine. sure, the writing isn't really up to par with the writing for the marvel shows, but they also don't have the same budget that marvel does, and the CW as a network doesn't really draw the same types of writers that netflix does. 

but they try. they make shows that are true to the comics, and sometimes they're corny as hell but they own it, instead of trying to make everything so dark the way that netflix marvel does. i appreciate that. a lot of the comics that i love to read are super corny and i mean... that's just how comics are. you can't be mad at DC or the CW for that. they make their shows approachable and fun and they don’t take themselves too seriously. i love that about them. and because they don’t have the same kind of pressure on them that the DC cinematic universe does, they can do things like... bring in vixen for one episode, or tie in the justice society of america. they have a lot more freedom and i would love to see what the CW DC shows could do if they had the kind of budget that the netflix marvel shows do. but even without the budget, they’re fun. they feel like comic books to me. i’m not here to complain about the writing being bad when they’re shows about people putting on capes and like... running really fast. i’m here to see the characters i like doing fun superhero stuff. and do i love marvel? of course. jessica jones and the way it handled ptsd is super important to me and anyone who tries to say that chadwick boseman as black panther wasn’t the best thing any of us have seen in years is just plain wrong. but i’m a nerd, and i love that i GET to live in 2016 when i have arrow, the flash, supergirl, the black panther movie, justice league, avengers, captain marvel AND everything else to look forward to. it’s the nerd golden age and i’m basking in every second of it.

but what's frustrating to me is that after years of work on the CW, the DC cinematic universe basically said, "fuck you, fuck everything you're doing, we're casting different actors for the movies, you can't sit with us." and although i kind of get it, it's frustrating. the flash and the other CW shows have been so great BECAUSE of grant gustin and candice patton and carlos valdes and rila fukushima and caity lotz and all of the writers, not in spite of them. it's sad to see them get so forcibly shoved to the side in an attempt to make the DC movies be...like the marvel movies. 

so, you know, suicide squad was fun. i don't really believe that viola davis isn't amanda waller. will smith is a perfect deadshot and him and viola should be cast in every movie for the rest of time. margot robbie did the very best she could with what she was given. but... it was sad to see them kill off just ONE person on the squad, who, of course, was a person of color. it was sad to see harley quinn's story revolve entirely around the joker. it was sad to see tons of racial and gender stereotyping. it was sad to hear that jared leto treated the rest of the cast so horribly just so that he could be a mediocre joker, and DC just let him behave that way. and it's even sadder because i'm one of the very few CW DC stans, so i know that DC is better than this. i've watched them cast tons of women and people of color and women of color and i've seen them treat those characters as they deserve to be treated on the CW for years. i mean, katana was in six seconds of suicide squad but the CW katana had a full-season story arc and was a fully realized character with a super detailed history AND she was an absolute badass. i’ve watched the cast of all of the CW shows consistently support each other and respect one another.

i love DC and i always will, but i wish they would stop trying to be like marvel and just try to be more like their CW selves.