rogue one and how star wars still has a lot of work to do


let me preface this by saying that i absolutely loved rogue one. it's fabulous. i laughed, i cried, i felt like a little kid again, i was so thrilled about jyn erso and her massive role in the film, and the way that almost her entire team was men of color... it was just so great to see.

i have seen all of my friends posting about how they loved it too, and it makes me really happy when my friends are happy.

BUT (i know you were waiting for the BUT), as good as it was, i had a few problems with it and i want to make sure that these problems don't get washed over by the sea of approval.

the first issue, the biggest and most obvious issue, is where are all the black women? where are the women of color? i've seen a lot of people posting about the racial diversity, and diversity is so great and so important, but diversity is not a group of men of color and one white woman. diversity is not an eighth star wars movie being made and STILL not having a prominent character who is a black woman or a woman of color (yes, the black councilwoman was great and her outfit was amazing but i have to call her "the black councilwoman" because we didn't even learn her name). we need to demand more, because a feminism with only white women is not a feminism i am interested in.

...which brings me to my next point, and it's a point that i know will be difficult for some of you to sink your teeth into, because it was hard for y'all when i made the same point after mad max:fury road. at the end, when jyn was sending the message, cassian had to jump in and shoot mr. "choke on my aspirations". why did he have to come in there and take away her shining moment? why couldn't there have been a wild fight scene between them, since we know jyn is skilled at hand-to-hand combat? why did cassian need to be there at all? why couldn't they have met on the beach after? and, you know, jyn erso was great. rey was great. leia was great. but all of these women have only ever been on teams of all men. why? why can't some of their team be women? one woman in a sea of men is not feminism. the story of a woman who is saved at the end by a man is not feminism.

and, since i'm talking about men and women, why are there never openly trans and non-binary characters in...anything? casting characters within a strict gender binary is not feminism.

AND, the characters with disabilities were played by people without those disabilities. this is yet another example of exclusionary casting masquerading as progress.

i know that some of you are probably thinking, "why can't brittany just enjoy anything?" and you wouldn't be the first. but see, i did enjoy it. i'm just also making sure that i'm demanding more for the people around me who didn't get to see themselves as heroes in this movie. and you should be too.

with that said, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!